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April 27 2017


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Without this, the analysis of public action dries up its object and artificially dissociates it from the systems of relations in which it takes place. Conversely, the articulation of these two levels of questioning allows him to contribute jointly to the understanding of the government of societies and to the knowledge of the social spaces that compose it. The social configurations of public action This articulation presupposes beginning with seemingly simple questions: who are the agents engaged in the production of a policy? How do they organize their relations, their cooperation, their division of labor, their official and effective hierarchies, their internal competitions and their external support? The answers that can be given are not merely informative. But are limited to official or journalistic accounts of the identification of important or influential individuals and the chronicle of their encounters.

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Position systems and relations structure Public action forms the buy gmail accounts pva product of the practices and representations of the agents involved in it; These practices and representations are oriented by their positions, trajectories and social characteristics: to understand the product (public action) implies therefore to make the sociology of its producers. In this sense, positional analysis is indispensable to the sociology of public action. Among other things, the study focuses on the groups most regularly involved in the making of public policies: senior government officials (Eymeri, 1999; Laurens, 2006) or European civil servants (Mathiot and Sawicki, 1999), experts (Robert, 2003), sectoral elites (Genieys, 2008), and so on. Whatever the configuration of the policy under study (a structure of inter-municipal co-operation, an alliance between ministerial officials and representatives of interest, the informal grouping of experts, national elected representatives and European Commission officials) And whatever analytical tool is deemed most appropriate to account for it (system of action, field or network), there is, if not a correspondence, at least one relationship between the organization of social relations that gives rise to A policy and the characteristics of that policy. They have an analytical aim, when one agrees on the principle that to understand a policy (its orientation, the form it takes, the importance it has) implies to know (sociologically) those who Do and the relationships that bind them.

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Positional analysis is therefore the starting point for the systematic establishment of relational structures at the basis of a policy. The analysis of public policy describes the groups and spaces in which the policies are drawn up, and is not miserly with designations to designate them. The whole, neither perfectly stable nor homogeneous, composed by the public authorities and the representatives of the sector concerned, is classically called a community of politics (Heclo and Wildawsky, 1974, Mény, 1989). Within such a group, it is possible in some cases to identify an epistemic community, bringing together actors who share a pattern of causality and gmail accounts for sale a set of political values and commit themselves to translate this belief into Public policy (Haas, 1990: 42). 

These notions have descriptive and/ or analytical virtues. Focusing on the mechanisms of interdependence, however, they tend to leave aside the relations of forces and hierarchies internal to view demo these sets, as well as the social properties of the actors who structure them. It is only at the price of a precise restitution of the positions, dispositions and positions of the individual and collective agents engaged in the production of a policy that one can fully understand the modalities of constitution and operation of gmail accounts for sale the relational spaces they constitute and hence the logics of policy production. Bruno Jobert proposes to analyze the global changes in public policy by relating them to the way three main scientific forums are organized: political debate and the making of policies (Jobert in Jobert and Théret, 1994).

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